White Commissioner under fire after ‘master race’ remarks

White Commissioner under fire after ‘master race’ remarks A Kansas official who appeared to tell a black woman that he was of the “master race” is facing calls for his resignation, amid confusion about his racially-charged choice of words.

Leavenworth County Commissioner Louis Klemp made the remarks when speaking to a black city planner called Triveece Penelton who had been presenting a land use study to officials.

“I don’t want you to think I’m picking on you because we’re part of the master race,” he said, before adding, “You know you got a gap in your teeth, you’re the masters. Don’t ever forget that.”

Klemp is refusing to comment on his remarks, but told KSHB off camera that it had been a joke. Leavenworth County Administrator Mark Loughry said Klemp made the comment because he has a gap in his teeth as well.

Video footage of the exchange (from 1:34:00) does show Klemp’s hand at his own face when he says “master race.”

“The City Commission unequivocally denounces the use of ‘master race’ or any other language that has historic ties to racism, division and bigotry in any setting at any time,” it in a statement.

Klemp was in the spotlight last year after he went on a rant about approving the town’s holiday calendar. He Confederate commander Robert E. Lee was a “wonderful part of history” and said, “It bothers me that if we‘re going to have Martin Luther King Day, why don‘t we have a George Washington?” He claimed Washington didn’t have a holiday because he owned slaves, and said his own great-great grandfather owned a slave.

He then referenced the fact that Oprah wasn’t on the list for a federal holiday, and said, “Well Martha Stewart was the first billionaire so maybe she ought to be on there instead of Oprah.”

Klemp was appointed to his position by the republican committee when another commissioner became ill. Although the City of Leavenworth doesn’t have the authority to force Klemp out of office, they are calling for his resignation.

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