Throwing the glove down: Russian MP calls for duel with opponent, sends boxer instead

Throwing the glove down: Russian MP calls for duel with opponent, sends boxer instead A deputy from Russia’s Ural regional parliament decided to settle a Facebook argument in rather old-fashioned manner – with a duel. But the challenge became a farce after a champion Olympic boxer showed up instead of the MP.

The deputy, Andrey Gorislavtsev, and a local PR expert first clashed online in a comment section on the post about a church in Ekaterinburg.

Teasing the MP, Yaroslav Shirshokov asked him if homeless people, begging near a church, were a part of the church community.

After the politician took the bait, things escalated quickly. Both opponents made personal remarks and after the arguments ran out, the infuriated MP, whose job is to protect interests of his voters, challenged Shirshokov to a fight.

Shirshokov turned out to be a perfect opponent for a duel. A re-enactment enthusiast, he used to campaign for revival of the traditions of Russian Hussars – light cavalry of 17-19 century, who became a symbol of courage and chivalry. In those times a duel was a common way to settle conflicts between men.

He had also previously travelled to Moscow to sing serenades to the State Duma MP Natalia Poklonskaya in front of the Russian parliament building while wearing a Hussar uniform.

Back then Poklonskaya an internet sensation with her anime-style images going viral, particularly in Japan, due to her angelic looks.

The duellists agreed to meet in front of the local theater to settle scores. However, when Shirshokov turned up, prepared for battle at the agreed hour, he was surprised to find Olympic-gold-medal-winning boxer Egor Mekhontsev instead of the opponent.

It turned out that the MP dropped out, citing urgent matters, and had sent the athlete to represent him.

Disappointed by not seeing his adversary, Shirshokov offered the boxer a duel with water pistols instead. But eventually, they decided not to go ahead with it.

Meanwhile, local media were that Gorislavtsev, who is a war veteran and an amateur boxer, didn’t dare to show his face.

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