Mother fakes own child’s death in bizarre scam

Mother fakes own child’s death in bizarre scam A young woman in Missouri was shocked and horrified to find that her mother had faked the girl’s death in order to scam grieving friends and relatives into coughing up for a memorial.

Brittany Johnson-Webster’s mother told everyone that the young woman had tragically died in a car accident on October 27 and, after taking donations, held a poignant memorial service for her in the weeks after the untimely ‘demise’.

The only catch: the 21-year-old wasn’t dead, and hadn’t been in any such accident.

“They had pictures of me blown up into posters that said ‘rest in peace Brittany’,” the very much alive Johnson-Webster KSDK. “My aunt eventually had obtained one of the obituaries and sent pictures of it.”

The moving eulogy said that “Brittany finished her story on October 27, 2018,” adding: “She was called to meet all the loving animal babies on the other side of the rainbow.”

The church which hosted the memorial later said it had no idea the service had been held for someone who was still alive.

Johnson-Webster lives a mere three hours away from where her own memorial service was held. She was raised by her grandparents and her mother is a drug addict.  

The young woman says she’s most hurt by the fact that her brother really has passed away “and here my mom is faking my death.”

Johnson-Webster doesn’t know where her mother is and is worried for her safety, but apologized for her mother’s actions in taking advantage of people she knew would be upset by Brittany’s death.

“You know I was upset, I was angry, but more than anything, I was sad,” she said of the bizarre episode.

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