Cuddly lion tries to ‘hijack’ Crimean safari buggy full of tourists (VIDEO)

Cuddly lion tries to ‘hijack’ Crimean safari buggy full of tourists (VIDEO) Providing a unique photo shoot opportunity to a group of guests at a safari adventure park in Crimea, the cuddly predator not only welcomed the guests but even tried to get behind the wheel for the tour.

A full-grown lion named Filya appeared to be bored basking in the warm sunshine of the adventure park just outside of Simferopol. Excited by the sudden appearance of an open-door buggy, the lion could not contain his joy, eagerly jumping into the vehicle to embrace the visitors.

The big smoochy predator first pushed the driver out of his seat, before proceeding to personally greet each tourist inside the vehicle, video of the encounter shows. Begging for hugs, Filya appeared to act more like a well-trained dog rather than a wild beast. After a series of perfect selfie moments, the tourists bade farewell to the friendly lion.

The Taigan Safari Park is home to more than 50 lions which live in a recreated natural environment. The facility also showcases giraffes, bears, ostriches, kangaroos, and other animals.

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