Bryzgalova or Jolie? Hottest Russian curler takes up role of Tomb Raider (PHOTOS)

Bryzgalova or Jolie? Hottest Russian curler takes up role of Tomb Raider (PHOTOS) Russian curling star Anastasia Bryzgalova has taken up the role of Lara Croft in her latest photo session, reproducing the image of the Tomb Raider created by Hollywood star Angelina Jolie with whom the curler is often compared.

The 26-year-old Russian donned a black T-shirt, shorts, boots, and a gun holster to achieve Lara’s signature look.

The curler struck the same poses as Jolie in her photo shoot, asking her social media followers whether she managed to achieve the Hollywood look presented by Jolie.

“I was recently invited to take part in a very interesting project organized by the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) called ‘Images’. I ended up choosing the image of Lara Croft. How do you like it?” Bryzgalova captioned the pictures she posted on Instagram.

One of the pictures shows a group of make-up artists working on Bryzgalova’s face and hair to make her look like the world famous actress.

The athlete, who earned Olympic bronze at the 2018 Olympics along with her husband, Alexander Krushelnitsky, attracted much public attention during the mixed-doubles curling tournament in PyeongChang, with many fans comparing her to actresses Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox.

The curler said she was pleased to receive the compliments but preferred to concentrate more on her sporting career, and that beauty would not help her win awards.


While her husband has been sitting out due to a four-year ban, Bryzgalova swapped mixed-doubles for classic curling and joined the women’s national team, with whom she finished fourth at the 2018 European championships in Estonia.