Bright fireball lights up Texas night sky (VIDEOS)

Bright fireball lights up Texas night sky (VIDEOS) A large green-and-yellow-glowing celestial object, which was caught on several cameras darting across the night sky in central Texas, has reportedly produced a boom powerful enough to make some walls shake.

NASA and the American Meteor Society (AMS) received around 100 witness reports all claiming that a bright burning object pierced the Texan night sky at around 9:22pm Thursday. Some noted that a minute later they heard an explosion which produced a shockwave so strong that it made houses tremble.

A video of the event captured by a dashboard camera shows an unidentified object flying at high velocity across the sky with a green glare in its wake before disappearing into the abyss. The sighting of the fireball, which some said also produced a yellowish-orange glare, was seen across all parts of Texas, from Houston and San Antonio to Dallas.

While some wondered if they’d witnessed an alien invasion, NASA was quick to that the fireball was a meteor that most likely came from the North Taurid meteor shower.

“The preliminary 3D trajectory computed based on all the reports submitted to the AMS shows that the Fireball was traveling from East to West and ended its flight somewhere South East of Johnson City, TX,” AMS .

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