Top 5 Most Overpowered Weapons In Fortnite Battle Royale

Epic Games has made numerous changes to weapons and items in “ Battle Royale.” The popular video game looks much different than it looked when it was released, in September 2017, and its creator keeps changing it. The game has had some major changes with all buffs and nerfs to items, and here are five most overpowered items “Fortnite” players have used.


Compact Submachine Gun (Nerfed)

Compact SMG was introduced with the v5.10 patch and it immediately became the most powerful weapon in the game. This gun fit the spray meta perfectly with its 50-bullet magazine capacity. Its base damage was 23/24, and using two of these guns made players unstoppable!


Guided Missile (Vaulted)

Added in the v3.4 patch, this weapon was incredibly powerful. It did 105/110 damage per hit and players were allowed to control it for 18 seconds. Even though it was possible to defend against this weapon by building, it gave players a huge advantage, which is why the game creator decided to nerf it and eventually remove it from the game.


Drum Gun (Vaulted)

Just like the Compact SMG, the Drum Gun was part of the spray meta. This AR/SMG hybrid was capable of dealing massive damage from close-to-medium range, and it was, unexpectedly, removed from the game. While many players hated it, there is no doubt that it was one of player-favorite guns in the game.


Mounted Turret (Nerfed)

Mounted Turret was recently added to the game, and despite going through several nerfs, it‘s still very powerful. What makes this weapon even more effective is the fact that players don‘t have to spend an inventory slot on it, yet they can deal massive damage to both players and structures with the turret. Many players want Epic Games to remove it, which is something that could happen in Season 7.


Zapotron (Vaulted)

Zapatron was in “Fortnite Battle Royale” for just a few days. This long-range weapon was capable of one-shotting enemies, and it was unique. However, the game creator decided to remove it because it did not fit the game style, and it is very unlikely that it will ever return to the game.

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