Super Dragon Ball Heroes synopsis: Universe 6 is in grave danger, Jiren makes comeback

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The first narrative arc of the “Super Heroes” promotional movie related to the Prison Planet events has ended. Now the events will move on to the saga of the Universal Conflict, which endangers Universe 6 and exposes it to the wickedness of a well-known villain. By looking at the the synopsis of the seventh episode, it looks like the plot will move from the mysterious Planet Prison built by Fu and take us to the sixth Universe. Fans will also see the characters known as and Hit in the upcoming episode.

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Synopsis of Chapter 7

Thanks to the official website of the Japanese art video game, fans can read the first synopsis of episode 7 of “Dragon Ball Heroes,” the promotional anime taken from the Bandai Namco videogame.


All the details, as always, are after the Jump. The synopsis of the episode says that “Trunks, Vegeta and the others managed to escape from Prison Planet, but the two did not even have time to heal their wounds when they were informed of an assault underway in the Sixth Universe. Vegeta and the others, now that they are heading into the Sixth Universe to defeat the mysterious enemy …?! The upcoming episode is titled “Zamasu is back alive?! The curtain rises on the arc of the Universal Conflict!.”

Meanwhile, It seems that Universe 6 fell victim to a dangerous assault, probably hatched by the Tsufuru group led by a revived Zamasu. I believe that in addition to the warriors of reality ruled by Lord Champa, other fighters from the “Dragon Ball Super” multiverse will also intervene. Episode 7 of “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” will debut online January 10, 2019.


The events that are getting ready to start in the Universe 6 involves a battle that will involve the most powerful fighters of all time, as shown by the images that indicate the return of Jiren of Universe 11.

Jiren‘s appearance

Jiren the Gray had inflamed the Tournament of Power with his unprecedented power, but now he prepares to return to “Super Dragon Ball Heroes.” This is what emerges regarding the next episodes of the promotional film. In episode 7 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Jiren might be among the main protagonists of the narrative arc entitled “.” However, for the moment, I do not know what his role will be in the plot of the promotional anime. It is possible that the events of this saga will carry on in the Multiverse of “Dragon Ball Super” and the power of the enemies will require the intervention of Jiren, the mortal that not even a God of Destruction is able to defeat.

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