Dragon Ball Super: Broly: A new image of SSB Goku vs Broly emerges

The release date of “ Super‘s” animated feature, “Broly” in Japanese cinemas is getting closer. After the commercial for “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” went live in November, fans cannot help being excited and impatient. It will really be a great event. It‘s hard not to be excited, especially when new images are proposed or new releases are released, such as the cover of the January issue of Shueisha‘s V-Jump magazine, kindly shown by YonkouProductions on his Twitter page (). This has increased the hype even more.

Goku vs Broly

With this image, we can already taste a possible and fierce clash between Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Broly in his form as Super Saiyan Full Power.

Although there is no certainty that this will be one of the plausible meetings between the two characters that will take place in the film, this cover (of incredible impact not only for the choice of colors but also for the reactions it arouses) bodes well for Goku and the intention to face such an enemy at full strength. Here is the image.

The film

The curiosity of the fans towards the final form ofby Broly, as well as towards the character itself has increased, especially after the revelations of the last trailer regarding his past and previous appearances. With Goku and Broly stronger than ever, it would seem that the fight is about to be one of the biggest and most epic of the entire series.

We just have to wait until December 14 to satisfy our curiosity. Recall that Funimation will bring “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” to cinemas in the United States on January 16. It is the twentieth feature film dedicated to the franchise. The story will follow the clash between our heroes and the fearsome Saiyan Broly, who arrived on Earth with the help of Freeza.

Meanwhile, The official website of “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” has released new character designs and biographical descriptions for Bardak, Gine, King Vegeta, King Cold and the funny Saiyan called Beets. More details on the fascinating characters that will appear in the first part of the highly anticipated film emerged. Lastly, in the last few days, it was revealed that the next feature film trailer will be released on November 25. In recent weeks there has been a world premiere event, in Japan for “.” A thousand lucky people could take part in an exclusive preview of the film.

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