Critics are talking about Spider-man into the Spider-verse

“Spider-man into the Spider-verse” is hitting theaters worldwide on December 14. Critics have managed to get a look at the film ahead of time and are telling people what to expect and whether it‘s worth the public‘s time.


Not another comic book movie

Gizmodo is one of the standard bearers for geek culture and the publication loved what it saw in the film.


Every superhero movie rolled into one

Wittertainment‘s Clarisse Loughrey was blown away by what she saw. She thinks it‘s what other superhero movies should aspire to be.


Expanding the universe

Variety is one of the biggest publications in the world for entertainment news. The fact that they loved it is good news for those hoping for a fun flick.


Best ‘Spider-man‘ move ever?

The Daily Express is putting “Into the Spider-verse” at the top of the list of all “Spider-man” movies. Animated or not.


Believe the hype

Insider wants people to know that the hype surrounding “Spider-man into the Spider-verse” is absolutely deserved.

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