5 Marvel characters that deserve their own show, including Rocket Racoon

Disney recently announced that Marvel characters Loki and Scarlet Witch would be getting their own miniseries on their upcoming streaming service.

These two characters have become stars on their own right, and we’re excited to see the continued adventures of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and Elizabeth Olsen’ Scarlet Witch.

Disney now can shine the light on more lesser-known characters in the MCU or even introduce new ones to fans. These are three characters I would love to see get their own show, whether it be a full-blown season or just a limited run series.


Rocket Raccoon

One of the most popular characters from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise is Rocket Racoon. While this could end up being one of the priciest productions for a show, it would draw in the crowds. Rocket has excellent chemistry with anyone he’s paired up with, just look back to his interactions with Yondu and Thor. This show would be full of Rocket’s smart-ass comments. We could have a series that tells us the whole story of who Rocket Racoon is and how he joined forces with Groot.


Falcon/Sam Wilson

Probably one of my favorite characters in the MCU is Falcon. Since his introduction in “The Winter Soldier,” Sam Wilson has played a supporting role in the MCU. Falcon has fought alongside the Avengers in some epic battles and shared some jokes with Captain and other Avengers. However, he’s never had the opportunity to shine on his own. If it was a miniseries, they could show us Falcon’s life back in the military, when he was a pararescueman. Falcon’s origin story has so much drama potential.


Okoye from ‘Black Panther‘

Possibly one of the biggest breakout stars in recent years in Marvel entertainment is Okoye from “Black Panther.” Okoye has the strength and dry humor of an action hero. A limited series or full-blown show could show the fans how she gained her Dora Milaje training and how she joined the group and became the leader. Danai Gurira has already spent six years on “The Walking Dead,” so she knows how to handle herself on a big budget television series.


Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers

Marvel Comics released a limited series called “Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers Unleashed.” It became one of the cutest things they‘ve ever done. The star is Lockjaw, a giant teleporting bulldog. Among the other characters include Throg, Redwing (companion of Sam Wilson), Lockheed, and Zabu. You can‘t forget Ms Lion, companion of May Parker. You could use standard animation or CGI; both would make an entertaining all-ages series. Everyone loves talking animals.


The Loners

The Loners is a support group for former superheroes. That alone opens up the door for plenty of cameos and guest star action. You could introduce child stars like Darkhawk, Lightspeed and Ricochet through flashbacks. The group of ex-superheroes will be forced to deal with guilt and deal with their new lives.